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Last May 24 [Saturday] was one hell of an adventure! My friends and I wanted something different this time. So rather than trying out a new restaurant out there, we suggested to go on a hiking trip in Taal Volcano instead. It was a super belated birthday treat of my friend together with her lovely parents that accompanied us during the whole trip.

To get there, we had to ride on a boat from Taal Yacht Club. Then, we had two options to get to the center of the volcano: [1] to walk or; [2] to ride a horse. Of course me and my friends decided to walk because we felt so young and healthy while my friend’s Mom rode on a horse. Hah! Who would have thought that after around 10 minutes of walking, we were sweating and panting so hard! You couldn’t blame our lazy ass because the heat was unbearable and surreal, plus, the trail was very steep. Okay, so we weren’t that physically fit/active after all. Lol. So in the end, my friend’s Dad decided to get us all a horse and it felt so…. nice…. BUT NO. The whole trail after riding a horse (btw, we each get to have a guide who controls and manages our horses), I was anxious, nervous, panting, and I just couldn’t be comfortable at all! WHY? The trail was so steep, and there were a lot of abyss and cliffs all over the place! So with one wrong step of the horse, or rather if they slip, we could have been dead meat by now. I’m so grateful that our guides were real experts in those things. 

Anyway, after past an hour, we arrived at our main destination! Indeed, I was flabbergasted about the whole place! The water was so hot and we were told that it was a thousand feet deep. The smell of sulfur felt so good that time, and there were boiling water pits too! Aaaaah, the opportunity to be able to step on the center of the volcano was so amazing. So, a big thanks to Arianne and most especially to her parents who paid everything (huhuhu nakakahiya).

After the tiring trip we had the whole morning, we had lunch at Buon Giorno located in Cliffhouse Tagaytay (just after a few meters away from Leslies and right beside Yellow Cab). Anyway, we didn’t manage to get some pictures at all but can I just defiantly share how awesome and delicious their food are??! I love their pastas and pizza! Woohoo! Definitely recommending that place hihihi.


it was totally quite an adventure! :)

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