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There are really times when no one will ever care and there comes the time when one person you thought you knew will forget what you both had together. 

So be careful. 

Trust no one but yourself. 

July 27, 2014 with 2 notes
Whenever I feel a bit lonely, I’ll just look up and wander beyond there.

Whenever I feel a bit lonely, I’ll just look up and wander beyond there.

July 27, 2014 with 8 notes
Come back, summer :(

Come back, summer :(

July 23, 2014 with 7 notes

Baler 2014

If you’re following me on instagram, then you would notice that I’ve gone to a last minute vacation in Baler, Aurora just before the first day of school (a.k.a. sophomore year). We spent four days touring the city and beach hopping. Baler is around 4-5 hours travel time by land if you’re from Manila. It might be far away, but I tell you, it’s worth it! On the way there, I felt like we crossed 5 mountains! There were so many trees, and trees, and trees, and more trees. Baler is known as the surfing capital in the country and of course, I didn’t left the beautiful place without trying to surf in its magnificent waves! We were lucky the weather was perfect the whole time we stayed there. Aaaah! I had the most awesome weekend being one with the ocean and away from the city. Everything was calming and if only college is not getting in my way, I would probably live there :>

July 21, 2014 with 27 notes

Shared stories, adorable dolls for lunch, talked about our future and countless possibilities and whatnots, long walks around the busy streets of Makati, and of course, with good music comes along good coffee.

All photos are taken from Cidee’s camera and the last two photos were personally post-processed by herself.

July 03, 2014 with 31 notes