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Everything felt so fast ever since the day I entered college. Couldn’t believe it’s as hard as it ever could get! Anyway, here are a few photos that I shot last night :)

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Anyway, here’s a little update! I survived the pre-hell week last week! Calling it pre-hell week because prelims and finals haven’t started yet, and we’re already dragged into a lot of plates right now. In our world, the term ‘plate’ means ‘project’. So yeah, I had no sleep, got sick, and I was just very tired to be honest. I’m guessing this whole school year would be one hell of a bumpy ride. I can’t wait for Christmas break already!

August 17, 2014 with 7 notes

A series of portraits for photography class. Our topic right now is all about portraiture and natural light. I had my cousin to model for me here hihihi :> Sorry if I’m posting photos instead of writing! I’m hooked up with school right now and junked with a looooooot of projects and deadlines. Hopefully, I can finish all of them by tonight *cross fingers*

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There are really times when no one will ever care and there comes the time when one person you thought you knew will forget what you both had together. 

So be careful. 

Trust no one but yourself. 

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